How To Use Pinterest for Business Growth

That’s a very interesting anecdote about Airbnb and how their Pinterest strategy caters to both potential travelers and potential hosts! It effectively highlights the platform’s potential for businesses with diverse target audiences.

Here are some ways you can leverage this example to strengthen your content on using Pinterest for business:

  • Visual Appeal: Briefly mention the importance of high-quality visuals on Pinterest, similar to Airbnb’s inspiring travel boards.
  • Target Audience Segmentation: Expand on the concept of creating content boards targeted at different audience segments, like Airbnb does with travelers and hosts.
  • Content Variety: Briefly discuss the value of offering content variety on Pinterest boards, similar to how Airbnb showcases various getaway types.
  • Call to Action: Conclude by encouraging readers to explore how Pinterest can help them target different audience segments with visually appealing content.

By incorporating these suggestions, you can transform this personal anecdote into a more actionable takeaway about using Pinterest for business marketing. It will showcase the platform’s ability to cater to diverse audiences through strategic content creation.

The potential of Pinterest in business growth

This is a strong opening that effectively introduces Pinterest as a potentially overlooked yet valuable platform for social media marketing. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Beyond the Obvious Platforms: The text acknowledges that Pinterest might not be the first platform considered for social media marketing strategies.
  • Active User Base and Demographics: It highlights Pinterest’s substantial user base (465 million active accounts) and emphasizes the target audience’s focus on creativity, inspiration, and improving lives.
  • Valuable Content, Not Clickbait: It positions Pinterest as a platform for offering valuable content that solves problems or fulfills user aspirations, avoiding clickbait tactics.
  • Attractive User Demographics: The text mentions the platform’s predominantly female user base (60%) with a significant presence of millennials and high earners, making it an attractive market for many businesses.
  • Discovery Potential: It emphasizes the high discovery rate on Pinterest, with 80% of users discovering new brands or products through Pins.
  • Positive User Experience: The text contrasts Pinterest’s user experience with the negativity sometimes encountered on other social media platforms, highlighting its “fun” and positive atmosphere.

Here are some suggestions for improvement:

  • Visual Appeal Emphasis: Briefly mention the importance of high-quality visuals on Pinterest, considering its focus on inspiration and discovery through images.
  • Content Strategy Examples: Briefly discuss content strategy examples for businesses on Pinterest, beyond just showcasing products (e.g., DIY tutorials, inspirational mood boards, behind-the-scenes glimpses).
  • Call to Action: Conclude by encouraging readers to explore how Pinterest can help them achieve their marketing goals through visually appealing content and audience targeting.

By incorporating these suggestions, you can strengthen this section by emphasizing the importance of visuals and content strategy, and providing a clear call to action for readers to explore using Pinterest for business marketing.

How to craft your Pinterest business strategy

This is a good start to explaining the first step of creating a Pinterest strategy. Here are some suggestions to make it even stronger:

  • Focus on Pinterest-Specific Content: While the general social media marketing skills article might be helpful, consider mentioning the importance of understanding content creation specifically for Pinterest.
  • Visual Content Examples: Briefly mention specific types of visually appealing content that performs well on Pinterest (e.g., high-quality photos, infographics, step-by-step tutorials).
  • Content Brainstorming Tips: Briefly suggest methods for brainstorming content ideas relevant to your target audience on Pinterest (e.g., industry trends, competitor analysis, keyword research).
  • Content Calendar Benefits: Expand on the benefits of a content calendar for Pinterest marketing, including staying organized, maintaining consistency, and scheduling Pins strategically.
  • Personal Account as a Learning Tool: While creating a personal account is a good suggestion, emphasize its role as a way to learn the platform, explore content ideas, and understand user behavior before diving into a business account.

By incorporating these suggestions, you can enhance this section by providing more specific guidance on Pinterest content creation, brainstorming ideas, and leveraging a content calendar. It will also make the use of a personal account more strategic for learning purposes before transitioning to a business presence.

Benefits of using Pinterest for business

This is a great start! It highlights the importance of a Pinterest for Business account and the value of setting goals and measuring success. Here are some suggestions for improvement:

  • Target Audience and Content Alignment: Briefly mention how to tailor content to your target audience’s interests and aspirations on Pinterest to inspire them.
  • Goal Examples: Provide specific examples of goals for a Pinterest marketing campaign (e.g., increased brand awareness, website traffic generation, lead acquisition, product sales).
  • Metrics for Measurement: Expand on key metrics to track on Pinterest for Business accounts (e.g., impressions, engagement rate, click-through rate, conversion rate).

By incorporating these suggestions, you can strengthen this section by emphasizing audience targeting and content alignment, providing specific examples of goals, and mentioning key metrics to track progress and success on the platform.

Get started on Pinterest and reap the benefits for your business

This is a strong conclusion that encourages action and emphasizes the complementary nature of social media platforms. Here are some minor improvements you can consider:

  • Content Creation Tips: Briefly mention specific content creation tips for businesses on Pinterest to jumpstart their creative process (e.g., utilize high-quality original visuals, craft compelling descriptions with relevant keywords, leverage trending topics and hashtags).
  • Call to Action for Business Accounts: Provide a clear call to action for readers to transition from a personal Pinterest account to creating a Pinterest for Business account to unlock additional features and functionalities.

By incorporating these suggestions, you can make the conclusion even more actionable by providing content creation pointers for Pinterest and a clear call to action to switch to a business account for further growth.


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